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I feel your pain. I watched those last two games and saw how explosive that offense can be. Can you feel a but coming?

However, the Falcons have played three games and didn’t look so hot in Week 1 versus Tampa Bay. Even with that loss at the beginning of the season, I don’t think that’s what getting Atlanta power ranking buried.

While the Falcons’ offense is electric, their defense is chugging along on coal power. And that may be being nice. There’s such a wide disparity between Atlanta’s top-ranked offense (448 yards per game, 34.7 points per) and its 30th-ranked defense (433 yards per game, 30.3 points per game) that it’s scaring members of the media that put lists together like this.

What happens one week when Atlanta’s offense can’t get moving? Tampa Bay showed a little bit of that when the Bucs took away the Falcons’ run game and handing the Dirty Birds their only loss.

Until Atlanta’s defense catches up a little to that high-octane offense, there will always be some doubt that Quinn & Company can maintain this level of play.

There’s another reason to worry too.

Atlanta built this No. 1 offense on the backs of the two worst defenses in the league: Oakland and New Orleans. While times are good heading into Week 4, the next three weeks bring potential hiccups.

Carolina (Week 4) owns the No. 3 defense and has a front seven that’s given Atlanta fits for years. After the Panthers next Sunday, Atlanta travels to Denver (seventh-ranked defense) and then Seattle (top-ranked).

Before we anoint Atlanta’s offense as one of the greatest juggernauts of all time, let’s reconvene in three weeks and look at the numbers.

Radio listener,

During a “What’s Bugging You” segment on one of my recent shows, a caller was all bent out of shape because Tevin Coleman was scoring rushing touchdowns (three against the Saints) while Devonta Freeman was “doing the hard work” of churning yardage.

I would bet my mortgage he’s a fantasy GM with both Falcons’ running backs on his roster.

While never knowing which running back will have the hot hand will be absolute frustration for fantasy owners, this is fantastic for the real Falcons.

If even the coaching staff has no idea who will emerge as the week’s best running back, how will defensive coordinators put a game plan together? It’ll be extremely difficult, and that’s one of the reasons why Atlanta’s offense works so well.

Atlanta’s offense is potent because there are so many options for Kyle Shanahan to dial up. Not only do the Falcons have the best receiver on the planet on their roster in Julio Jones, but Mohamed Sanu has proved a worthy No. 2. Even Justin Hardy and Aldrick Robinson have been able to shine.

With two pass-catching tight ends as well as these two running backs that can do anything in the offense, the Falcons’ weapons are aplenty.

So, instead of worrying about your fantasy team, jump on board the Shanahan train and enjoy this powerful Falcons offense.


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