ATALANTA,GA- A man charged in the death of his 7 year old daughter was formally indicted Thursday.Almost two months to the day, Michael Wash first told police his daughter Kamarie Wash went missing after she wandered from the the house. Wash was indicted on charges of murder, aggravated assault, first degree cruelty to children, making false statements and concealing the death of another.

In the indictment, Michael Wash beat Kamarie, striking her with “an object or objects” with enough force to seriously injure her. In addition, the indictment says Wash and his girlfriend LaSherae Davis both neglected to seek medical care for Kamarie at that point. Earlier that day , boaters found a girl’s body underneath the Interstate 75 bridge over Allatoona Lake. Detectives later identified the body as Kamarie Wash. The discovery differed from the time line that Michael Wash said he last saw the little girl. Kamaire was Wash’s daughter from a previous relationship.

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