It looked like a miraculous win… LSU scores on the last play of the game to beat Auburn and keep its National Title hopes alive…

Ahhhh… But wait…

Upon further review, LSU doesn’t score and loses to Auburn. Cue Taps, as Les Miles is fired 4 games into the season.

It’s a tough world out there being a Coach at a major CFB Program in 2016… I mean, after all, Les Miles only was able to win 77% of all his games in a DIVISION where you compete against maybe the best coach in the history of College Football, win a National Title, in 11 years before this season win 10+ games in 7 of those, never win less than 8 games in a season, all the while playing in 12 years an average of the 6th toughest schedule annually in the country…

But… He’s gotta’ go…

While I realize this season has gone less than planned (Yes, I picked LSU as one of my playoff teams), it’s a sad commentary, we think of coaches as microwave dinners… We need greatness now, make it quick, and if it ever isn’t up to standard we throw it away and move on to the next hot thing.

That about sums up coaching in College Football in 2016… You are only as good as last week.

Imagine the mentality of handling coaches this way back in the old days… You most likely wouldn’t have had the Bobby Bowdens, or Frank Beamers of the world because, heck, 3 years in and no National Title… For shame!

Like Mark Richt, Les Miles WILL coach again and be successful… Maybe the next program will be more patient, but probably not… Such is coaching major College Football in 2016.

Think of Les the next time to go to heat up the Hungry Man Frozen Dinner…


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