It’s time to tee it up for the Ryder Cup. The one time every other year the U.S., (hopefully); will play for pride and patriotism, especially since the Europeans have kicked our, (insert your own word here); for waaaayyyy too long.

Matter of fact, the last three in a row, 6 of the last 7, 8 of the last 10. I think you get the picture.

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What’s frustrating about this all is WE, (in theory); have the best players in the world, the best courses, the best of everything, not anymore.

Why haven’t we won more? Perhaps we’re spoiled or think we’re “entitled”.

After Rory McIlroy wrapped up both the Tour Championship and Fed Ex Cup last Sunday, I sat, observed and really listened to his post victory press conference.

The kid had just walked away with the final two prizes of the year and in my mind, the BEST golfer of the year since it measures consistency, not to mention 11.5 million dollars.

It was interesting he didn’t spend too much time on what he just accomplished, rather looking ahead to the Ryder Cup and being with “the team”. Hoping his latest accomplishment would help “fuel his team to victory”.

The key word here is “team”. I have yet to hear anyone on the American side refer to “the team”, other than Phil Mickelson who admitted he wasn’t entirely focused on the Tour Championship, instead wanted to “save it for next week”, still didn’t mention “team”.

This years’ event should heavily favor the U.S.

It’s set on our soil, (Hazeltine outside of Minneapolis); is long, measuring over 7,600 yards, we have some long “bombers” on our side, Phil, J.B. Holmes and Dustin Johnson, along with plenty of players who have experience, (the European side has 6 rookies).

Plus, plenty of motivation, not only from the record, but perhaps, “win one for Arnie” should be worth something.

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Perhaps we were given the best gift.

Masters’ champ Danny Willett’s brother, Peter, wrote a piece calling out the Americans’, (obnoxious, fat, and imbeciles were a few of the words used).

Pardon me for a sec while I stoop to his level, (I may eat these words but…); got a message for ya’ ‘bruh, your brothers’ name is going to be nothing more than the answer to a trivia question in a couple of years.

Trouble is, I think the players want to win the ‘Cup so bad, we pucker up at crunch times’ down the stretch, not to mention thinking more like “individuals’ instead of “team.

Reminds me of a conversation I overheard one time between a customer and a business.

Businessman asks:- “How bad do you want it”.

Customer:-“Really bad”.

Businessman responds:-“That’s how you’ll get it”.

Too bad that’s how we’ve received.

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Hopefully, I’m not the only American posing with the Ryder Cup come Sunday.