Preparing for the Miami/GT game this weekend, Don Bailey gives CMR real love.

Don Bailey Jr, Color analyst for the Miami Hurricanes. Don talked about play football with Mark Richt at Miami and also in the NFL. Plus, they kept in touch over the years when he was at FSU and UGA. Don told us he believes that Mark Richt is one of the most competitive people on earth and he is so engaged with this team and calling plays for the Hurricanes. Don believes he is more involved than any coach the Hurricanes have had in many years. Don talked about how Mark Richt has worked wonders in the fund raising department for Miami and they have accomplished their goals.

Don said that the offense for GA Tech against Clemson is not the offense he used to seeing from them. Don talked about what Miami has to do to be successful against GA Techs triple option. Don says he thinks the month of October is when you find out what teams aren’t good at because the schedule is much harder. Don praised the RB’s at Miami and mentioned that their 1000-yard runner from last year is second team this year. Don made sure to tell us that Mark Richt doesn’t put up any bulletin board material for his opponents but you know when it’s a big game because of his demeanor.

Click below to hear Bailey with Rick and John



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