Long live the King!

Wow, what a day for golf.

The finish at the Tour Championship was probably, the best finish ever. But also a somber night for those who play and enjoy the game.

You see, golf is a different sport, one that shows true reverence and respect, even if you just picked up a club, for those who came before.

Tiger Woods, for whatever reason, if he was unable to play in Arnold’s Bay Hill Invitational would not send a message, text or e-mail, but a “personal” phone call.

That kind of respect speaks volumes.

From touring professionals to even the most casual player, everyone knows what Arnold Palmer meant to the game.

He ushered in the “golden age” of televised golf. I can vaguely remember as a kid growing up, the battles that he and Jack Nicklaus would have. They may have had a cordial relationship on screen, but off, fierce competitors. He had a one of a kind, “swashbuckling” swing with a “go for broke” mentality. One that most players today would never emulate.

His smile and charisma were contagious and even long after his playing days, his fingerprint is on the game every time you turn on the television.

Most don’t even remember that he was the “brains” behind what has exploded into 24/7 coverage of the sport, especially thanks to cable providers, “The Golf Channel”.

I remember when it first came on the scene, a lot of people laughed and said it would never survive since it was targeting such a narrow audience.

But fans like me are deeply indebted to The King for giving us the chance to keep up with our favorite sport without being a backstory tossed to the back of the sports page.

He was “The King”.


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