In an age when we’re accustomed to just about every re-design being longer, lower and wider, GMC has done something rather novel with it’s re-designed –for-’17 Acadia…..they’ve downsized it a bit.


Now, that doesn’t mean “Shrunk”.


The ’17 Acadia can still seat 5 – 7 depending upon whether you go with two-row or three-row seating…and a few of those 5 – 7 folks can be 300 pounders and still be comfortable.


And you can still tow 4,000 lbs with the optional 3.6 liter, 310 HP V-6.


But what GMC’s modest downsizing does do if give you a mid-sized SUV that actually feels nimble.    Powerful, too, with that V-6.


Roughly 7 inches shorter, 3 ½ inches narrower, and 700 pounds lighter, today’s Acadia can better handle parking spaces as well as narrow trails….without giving up a bit of capability.   The “fun-to-drive” factor is just a bonus.


And in SLT-1 dress, you’ve got a rather luxurious ride, too.


The ’17 GMC Acadia starts with a list price right at 30K.    It’ll come with a 2.5 liter, 193 HP four cylinder and a six-speed automatic rated at 21 city and 26 hwy MPG.


With its’ new athletic shape, the Acadia may perform OK with the 4, but most Acadias on dealers’ lots will come with the V-6.   It offers effortless acceleration at a cost of only a few MPG’s….rated at 18 city and 25 highway.    We averaged 20 – 22  in our usual commute with AWD.


Our SLT-1 5-seater had GMC’s “All Terrain” package which brought us not only all-wheel-drive, but 20” alloys, dual sunroofs, a trailering package and upgraded audio and trim.


The interior had rich looking, two-toned perforated heated leather seating, all the lane-change / blind-side / cross-traffic / rear-parking alerts that most high-end vehicles have now, plus GM’s 4G LTE WI-FI Hotspot.


FWIW, men and women equally seemed to be drawn to the new Acadia and its’ combination of a luxurious interior surrounded by a rounded yet rugged looking exterior.


All-in at just over $47,000, GMC’s new 2017 Acadia is a comfortable and capable hauler that can be cross-shopped against a number of vehicles costing thousands more.

imgp0526 Auto Nsider Review: 2017 GMC Acadia AWD SLT 1 imgp0522 Auto Nsider Review: 2017 GMC Acadia AWD SLT 1 imgp0523 Auto Nsider Review: 2017 GMC Acadia AWD SLT 1 imgp0519 Auto Nsider Review: 2017 GMC Acadia AWD SLT 1 imgp0518 Auto Nsider Review: 2017 GMC Acadia AWD SLT 1 imgp0517 Auto Nsider Review: 2017 GMC Acadia AWD SLT 1


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