ATLANTA,GA- Drug epidemics like heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine have been chronicled. But a new drug that has hit Georgia literally within weeks of this writing may be more potent than all three combined. Its carfentanil. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation uncovered the drug here in the Atlanta metro area through tests on heroin. What they found was heroin laced with carfentanil. The drug is 50,000 times more potent than heroin, according to GBI Deputy Director Nelly Miles. “Carfentanil is actually an elephant tranquilizer”, said Miles. “Literally a flake of it is enough to tranquilize a two thousand pound elephant”. Its enough to take out two thousand people, she said.
The first three seizures of it turned up in the state crime lab. They were sent to the lab as suspected heroin by police in Atlanta. The arrival of the drug here in Atlanta coincided right about the time it surfaced in the Midwest. In the region, there were a reported cases of two hundred overdoses many of them fatal. “we are working on tracking the sources, identifying how widespread the issue is , are these isolated instances in Georgia, said Miles. A this time GBI inspectors are baffled as to why it has made it here to Georgia. Again, the drug is not intended for humans. The way the drug can get into your system is unlike most drugs. “Its absorbed through the skin and it can also be inhaled”, said Miles. Even the chemists who examine the drug in a lab environment use gloves,masks and put the samples under a ventilated hood.
“Since the drug is in the streets of Atlanta it was important to get the word out to public”, she said


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