Rick and John sneaky watch their favorite games with today’s Slice of Life

Today’s Slice of Life is about being good and bad at the same time. You want to be a good dad, husband, father, Soldier etc, but you also want to watch your favorite team play. So, what happens when you want to watch the game, but are stuck at a wedding. What happens when your team is battling it out, but you have to go to your great Aunts husbands cousins funeral. How do you check the score? We talk about the worst spot to try and watch the game.

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Responses we get include wedding, funerals, work, JAIL and even our great Soldiers check in with how its next to impossible to watch a game and protect our Country. Maybe the best response comes from a Cop who said he was serving a warrant and the game was on, so we extended the arrest process.

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