By John Fricke

A&M up… UGA down (despite its win) and here we go…

1- Alabama (3-0) Still the King, but this king has some cracks. They beat you in every single way possible but if they keep making mistakes on both sides of the ball there will come a day their special teams don’t bail them out. Next: Home against Ken State (yes… Kent State).

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2- Florida (3-0) Great start, but now serious concerns about the status of new starting QB Luke Del Rio. The last thing the Gators needed was an injury at that spot. Next: at Tennessee.

3- Texas A&M (3-0) This start to the season could not have been any better for the Aggies. The heat has been reduced on Kevlin Sumlin for the moment. If A&M is going to be the team from the west to take the big leap into the chase for the title then this week’s game is critical. Next: Home vs. Arkansas

4- Tennessee (3-0) The Vols are banged up. Their depth was supposed to be a long suit but even that depth is being stretched thin and now this week… they have lost their last 11 straight Florida. Think of that. 11 straight losses to UF! Next: Home vs. Florida.

5- Georgia (3-0) The Eason era has begun. The good is the moxie and guts show by the true freshman in a great clutch game winning touchdown drive and pass at Mizzou. The bad is the Dawgs line play remains shaky and their schedule is not going to get easier. Next: at Mississippi

6- Mississippi (1-2) Maybe the Rebels should give up building huge leads at home. Up 21 on both FSU and Alabama in the first half this season, they have managed to get blown away on defense from that point on in both games. It doesn’t help to say you are the best 1-2 team in the nation, which is probably what they are. Next: Home vs. Georgia

7- Arkansas (3-0) It’s been a struggle to get to 3-0 but credit to the Hogs for winning games, even ugly ones. Now a chance to make this start to the season special on the road this week. Next: at Texas A&M

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8- LSU (2-1) If Tigers fans are still shaking their heads and wondering what kind of team this is – then they can join the rest of us. If this season is going to be anything then suddenly this Saturday is critical. Next: at Auburn

9- Auburn (1-2) It doesn’t matter the schedule has been really hard, the Ware Eagles still struggle on offense to the point where they could be a top of the division non-factor before October. The shootouts on the plains continue, yet another gut buster early season game this week. Next: Home vs. LSU

10- Missouri (1-2) Mizzou fans had braced for the possibility this season would be chalked up to all the issues in the program and on campus but this club has shown it still has some fight in it. Next: Home vs. Delaware State

11- Mississippi State (1-2) This is not where they wanted or expected to be after 3 games.
Next: at UMass

12- South Carolina (1-2) If Will Muschamp is going to have success in Columbia the fans will need to give him a little time to put the program on solid ground. The good news? This week they can go to 2-2 when they play Kentucky. Next: at Kentucky

13- Vanderbilt (1-2) Just when it looked like Vandy might not be all that bad, they got run out of Atlanta by Georgia Tech. Next: at Western Kentucky

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14- Kentucky (1-2) When does basketball begin? The good news? This week they can go to 2-2 when they play South Carolina. Next: Home vs. South Carolina