By Mark Owens

Rick and John pull out their best excuses to call in sick for today’s slice of life.

Rick is not feeling it today. Hes got a bad case of the crud. Not enough to call in sick, but close. So we talk about the best excuses you have come up with in order to get out of work. Rick admits that he has never called in to his radio or tv, he even came into work throwing up but still made it in. John admits that he worked overnights stocking shelves but called out so many times on a Friday that his boss eventually gave him Fridays off.

In high school, Mark didn’t want to work one weekend at the video store, so he told his boss that his grandmother died. He didn’t admit that his grandmother died 5 years ago. Paul had a big night out with the boys and was sleeping it off, so he needed his wife to call in sick for him.

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