We’ve all been there.

It’s a hot, sticky summer night or crisp, cool fall evening and the Braves are playing.

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We’ve tailgated all afternoon in the parking lot and headed inside to find our seats.

We’ve left one person in our seats to watch our stuff and the rest of us have headed to the concession stand or the Majestic Clubhouse Store to pick up a hat, shirt or foam Tomahawk.

We’ve taken our seats and sat back to watch our Braves play.

These experiences are common amongst all of us. We’ve all shared these moments at some point over the years. But we’ve also all had our own unique moments. Our own unique memories. Those memories that will stay with us long after the Braves have left Turner Field for the last time on Sunday, October 2nd.

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We want to you tell us about your absolute favorite memory from Turner Field. It could be a moment in a game. It could be a moment with you and your son or daughter in the stands. It could be something that happened in a tailgate.

Tell us using #TheTedMemories on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Tag us in your post too using @929thegame and we’ll pull them all together and share some each day!

The easiest way is to create a short selfie video and post to Instagram or Twitter… Just like our friend Crash Clark did here:


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Post YOUR favorite memory using #TheTedMemories and we’ll post and share them!