5. How can LSU not have ANYONE better than Brandon Harris?

It’s hard to imagine a team as talented as LSU being derailed by one player, but that’s the case when you look at the QB situation. While Harris definitely has talent, he will single-handedly make baffling plays that seem to ultimately cost his team victories. LSU will fade quickly if this isn’t resolved.

4. Bama is still… Bama…

I tweeted (follow me at @jmch316) that in my 44 years on Earth I’ve never seen a program roll out the next wave of “best players in program history” the way Bama does. No matter how many defensive players or RBs bolt to the NFL, no matter who becomes the new first-year starting QB, Bama just reloads and looks like a team that never has a learning curve to it.

3. Ole Miss is as one dimensional as they get

One thing that stood out to me was the inability of Ole Miss to run the football with any effectiveness. Not only that, but the Rebels barely even made an attempt to pay it lip service. In CFB in 2016, even with all the gimmick offenses run, it’s hard to be a top-tier program consistently when you are completely one dimensional on offense.

Just ask Georgia Tech.

2. There’s no comparison at QB for Georgia

No play more defined the difference in QBs for the University of Georgia than the 51-yard completion down the right sideline Jacob Eason made to Isaiah McKenzie. Yes, he’s a true Frosh. But it won’t be long before Eason becomes the full-time, single starter as he brings a dimension to UGA’s offense no one else at that position can bring.

1. There’s a race to 6…

I commented a few weeks ago that there would be at least five teams in the SEC that don’t get to six wins and become bowl eligible. After performances by Missouri, Auburn, Vandy, and Miss State, I feel even more confident that assertion will come true.


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