The season gets underway Thursday so it’s time to make some bold predictions. Maybe you will call them crazy, but they will be fun to look at toward the end of the regular season.

1. Denver will go from Super Bowl Champions to under .500. This team lost a bunch, and the QB spot may be the least of its concerns. The defensive line was hit as was LB, so its hard to envision that unit being as great again.

2. Seattle is on the downward slide and will not make the playoffs. They kept a bunch of undrafted guys on their 53, and the depth just isn’t where it once was. Arizona is the class in the NFC West, and Seattle will lose the wild card battle,

3. The ‘Aints will have the worst record in the NFL. Eventually salary cap hell will catch up to New Orleans. Defensively they still stink, and Brees isn’t getting any younger … 3-13 sounds about right.

4. Todd Gurley will have the best season in NFL history by breaking the single season rushing record, and will win the NFL MVP. The Rams need an identity and Gurley is that. Fisher will try to save his job and ride Gurley all the way.

5. Matt Ryan will shut up all his haters. Is he elite, is he just good, does he stink? We will see Ryan go back to 2012 Ryan and lead Atlanta to the playoffs. Fans in this city will be happy (sort of) and Matty Ice will gain a few fans back.


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