Tens of thousands of Atlantans have already paid for PSLs, or are in the process of paying for them via financing, but only ONE man has his seats already installed in the new stadium.

And early on Thursday morning he got to sit in them. Heck, technically he helped install them!

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Stephen Klee is a long time season ticket holder and rabid Falcons fan. He goes to away games and has had season tickets in all three stadiums the Falcons have played in here in Atlanta.

He was chosen from among the many that have purchased the PSLs to have the honor of having his seats installed first at a ceremony held at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, Sept 1st, 2016. Arthur Blank addresses the crowd and then helped Stephen install his seats. Undoubtedly with power tools from Home Depot.

Stephen said, “Our family is among the handful of families that are original season ticket holders and the Falcons’ sales team were asked to bring in who they thought would be best deserving of this honor. My sales rep pitched us as that family and we were lucky enough to be chosen.”

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“One of the most things I’m excited about, as Steve from Mercedes-Benz mentioned, is connectivity,” says Stephen. “If you want to meet up with a friend 20 gates away you can now do that very easily. That is not possible in the Georgia Dome. You have to go up this ramp, to that elevator, to another ramp.”

When asked about his expectations for this season Stephen said, “Cautious optimistic. If we can survive injuries, get some quality quarterback play and some pass rush, we should do pretty well. We’ll see what that pass rush looks like.”

His excitement about the team’s new home, however, was anything but cautious. When he sat down in his seats for the first time, right beside Arthur Blank, he couldn’t help but exclaim “Rise Up!”

We know how you feel Stephen.

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Watch the full interview above…