By Rob Hamilton

Look, let’s face it. LOTS of cool or crazy things can happen when you simulate an entire football season in Madden. We know that.

But this simulation shows our Atlanta Falcons hoisting the Lombardi Trophy this coming February.

This edition of Madden has a LOT of good features and upgrades. In this version, they’ve switched announcers from Simms and Nantz to Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davie. Most people were fans of the Nantz – Simms combo, BUT this version also has the announcers’ dialog being updated live from the EA servers. Meaning the announcers are talking about things going on right now in the NFL. Pretty insanely cool.

And says, “As is tradition around these parts, we also simulated the entire season to find out exactly what would happen in the real-life NFL in 2016. Madden knows all.”

Or, as they quickly follow that up, “It might be completely wrong, because this rendition of the simulation chose the Falcons to win,” the Super Bowl.

What do you think? How far off was this simulation?

If you are a Madden ’17 fan, run the simulation and let us know who it works out for you!

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