Craig AKA CCV and Sean AKA Peanut Gallery and 20 other AKA’s we are not listing here are back.  Apparently they have not been fired yet and were let in the building again to do another edition of “Championship Rounds.”

On this week’s show the guys discuss how impressed they were with Errol Spence Jr’s dominating performance and knockout of Leonard Bundu last week.  CCV talks about how he was impressed more than what he saw in the ring from Spence Jr.

“It was the complete package. From Al Haymon, to PBC, to putting Spence’s fight on right after the USA Olympic basketball team’s gold medal win was perfect.”

However did Spence Jr’s performance have the guys vault him to the top of the 147 pound division as one of the best right now?  The guys like with most things do not really see eye to eye on this question.  For one of the guys on the show it’s a no brainer that he should be in the top 3.   The argument from the other co-host that takes the opposite stance is.

“You don’t rank on potential.  You need to have quality wins.  He’s extremely talented, but right now his best win is against Chris Algeri.  That does not get you ranked near the top of the division right now.”

When the guys aren’t arguing they are in agreement that USA Olympic boxing needs some changes to make it more popular and more successful.  Props were definitely given to Shakur Stevenson, Nico Hernandez, and Clareesa Shields for their performances in Rio.   However both guys are reminded how long it has actually been since the USA Olympic team has won a gold medal in men’s Olympic boxing (2004) and multiple gold medals (1988).  Both CCV and PG think that Olympic boxing needs some serious changes, but offer some real simple solutions that if the USA boxing folks are listening they might want to implement to help grow the sport to what it once was in the 1980’s.

Finally in “Low Blows” this week has Craig calling out the city of Phoenix for a recent event that happened this week.  Sean’s low blow comes after admitting the UFC does do one thing better than boxing, but says where the one place is that he doesn’t want to see UFC and boxing fighters together.

Listen Now:


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