It’s been almost a month, but Championship Rounds is back! Not a moment too soon as Craig and the Peanut Gallery have lots to catch up on.  Lots of big fights to catch up on for the guys.  Who’s had the best month and win since the last edition of Championship Rounds?  Crawford? Frampton?  Ward?   The Peanut Gallery leans toward the one guy who pulled not only won, but made the biggest statement in his win.  CCV says his pick is based solely on the money.


Manny Pacquiao has an opponent for his comeback fight in November and PG and CCV tell you why they aren’t that happy with the opponent selection.  For the PG the decision for Pac Man’s next opponent is just another case to him of Politics as usual.  While CCV takes it a step further, “Here’s another example of us not getting the fights that we want to see.”


Quick jabs this week discusses a fighter saying goodbye, another fighter missing out on a big money opportunity, and another who is very lucky to have to still have any opportunities inside the ring.


The guys cap off this week’s Championship Rounds the same way they always do with a few Low Blows.  The Peanut Gallery acknowledges he originally wanted to talk about Antonio Margarito and Roy Jones fighting way past their primes again recently, but they were trumped by a decision made by the WBC earlier this week.  To say he was a little angry would be an understatement.   CCV takes UFC fighter Connor McGregor on and hits him with a few low blows this week.

Listen Now:


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