By Mark Owens

Rick and John live from Falcons Training Camp with the latest news with the 5 at 10

They kick it off by recapping the last day at Camp and this is the last day of camp before Thursdays pre-season game. They talk about Keanu Neal and his “trunk” injury, which sounds a lot worse than it really is. They realize that Neal wont play Thursday night, which is ok. They pivot to the Braves who have now won 3 in a row. They talk about Inciartes hitting streak, Aybar has massive comeback since the beginning of the season and Markakis proving to be a stud.

From there, its about GT and the AD leaving for Perdue. This is not a good look for a team that struggled last season and this close to the kickoff to the 2016 Football season. Rick thinks you need to cheat to win and he thinks that GT needs a cheater. SMH. Finally, from Rio, Phelps is kicking butt and USA baby!

Click below to hear more in the 5 at 10



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