That’s right. We are not even to August yet and we have had 50 days of 90-degree and over heat.

We are not going to sugar coat it.

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The heat can be stifling. Especially in a place with not that much shade.

So how are the fans handling it? How are WE handling it? Let’s take a look.

The number one item on everyone’s list out here at Flowery Branch, aside from the requisite water, is an umbrella.

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp 2016

And as the man above shows us, there is no such thing as being picky when it comes to shade. He’s cozying up under that pink umbrella and doesn’t care.

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp 2016

Sometimes, you cram a few people under the shade provided by your umbrella. As seen above and below.

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp 2016

Now, you can’t see her, but this guy was smart. Want to stay close to your date all day on the hill? Bring an umbrella, create some shade and she will stay right beside you. Good way to get to know someone.

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp 2016

And if that plan works, that romance can continue every time you come to Training Camp, for decades to come. This couple sharing their shade with each other has been married over 30 years and come to Training Camp each and every year.

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Now, you might want to lug an umbrella around. You might not have a good one. There are other options if you need them. And sometimes, you can combine them and sit around watching practice in total comfort.

These guys below went with the free hand powered fans handed out by the Carrier and

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp 2016

Since you often bring your own chair to these things, you could always go with the chair canopy.

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp 2016

Of course, don’t forget to stay hydrated. Lucky for you, the Falcons make that very easy. Bottled water and Gatorade products are only $1 each. You can stay fully hydrated over the three hours that you are out here, one hour before and the two hours of practice, for $3 in total.

We’ve spotted many other cool ways to stay cool too. The towels that you wet, snap and place around your head or neck have been seen here and there. Of course, our 92-9 The Game church fans come in handy too! Stop by our tent and pick yours up on your way into the field.

Now, when it comes to keeping ourselves cool… that’s another story. Our team goes all out to keep us cooled down and on the air.

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp 2016

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp 2016

We have large high velocity fans (bottom picture) and a Port-A-Cool Cyclone 2000 air conditioner blowing cold air on us.

So don’t feel bad for us out here all day every day, we’ve mastered this “staying cool” thing.

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And you can too! Combine some of the ideas above and you’ll be set. Because day 51 of 90-degree+ heat is only hours away. And Day 52. And Day 53. And so on.