Tom Luginbill, college football analyst for ESPN, joined Hugh Douglas and Mark Zinno on Friday to talk about the ACC Kickoff. The guys discuss UNC and whether Georgia (and fans) are overlooking this team and their defense. Luginbill says what Gene Chizik  has done on defense has been extraordinary. They’ve also improved on offense so they’re a team not to be overlooked. Moving on to the other team in Georgia, Georgia Tech, they were absolutely decimated with injuries last season. Luginbill says they’re always going to be a thorn in team’s sides which is why they can still be dangerous. They could easily be 6-6 but find a way to eke out more wins. What Georgia Tech needs to get back to is passing on offense. The ACC desperately needs more teams to catch up to Florida State and Clemson to help the future ACC Network. As far as a dark horse in the ACC, Luginbill believes that team could be Miami under new head coach Mark Richt. He’s walking into a situation where this team could easily get 10 wins with all the underachieving they’ve done in the past. Also, will the ACC make any moves in the direction of the ACC Championship game being in Charlotte because of the NBA recently moving the All-Star game out of there. Listen to hear Tom Luginbill’s answer.


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