Brett McMurphy, College Football Insider for ESPN, joined Mark Zinno and Hugh Douglas on Wednesday to talk about the upcoming college football season. The news this morning was the Big 12 moving forward with expansion. McMurphy says the Big 12 doesn’t know what they want to do just yet. The team they select will be based on the values they’re looking for whether that’s success, TV market, etc. The news about the ACC Network is what really changed their mind about moving forward with expansion. McMurphy says he would have zero idea how the Big 12 would be given a network. Jim Grobe, new head coach for Baylor, didn’t have such a great press conference yesterday addressing the allegations against the school and program. McMurphy says Grobe is a fine man but he didn’t come off that great yesterday. He believes Baylor is going to face a multitude of lawsuits, and is surprised a number of assistants remained with the program. At the end of all of this, McMurphy isn’t sure how many of them will be there. Over to the SEC, he’s been rather impressed with Georgia’s new head coach Kirby Smart. It’s going to be fun to watch the Bulldogs compete this season.

Listen here:


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