The night began with greetings at the town hall meeting hosted by the men of WAOK and V103. Not much longer a genuine camaraderie fell amongst the crowd as attendees let it be known they were glad to be in the building.


The overall goal of the meeting was accomplished as people were informed on how to properly interact with police to avoid deadly confrontations and how to protest peacefully while making an impact. “Know Your Rights – Save Your Life,” follows the police-involved deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota as well as the shooting deaths of police officers in Dallas, Texas. Five days after the town hall meeting another ambush style shooting occurred in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



Davis Bozeman Law Firm founder Mawuli Davis kicked off the night, followed by attorney Robert Smith (Smith & Hirsch, PL and assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at Tennessee State University), and Jarrod Grant (CEO & Founder of Learning, Technology & Leadership LLC and a member of Let Us Make Man). V-103 and WAOK personalities Ryan CameronDerrick BoazmanBig TiggerRashad RicheyFrank SkiKeith Slaughter and Greg Street were all attendance.



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