Tiger Woods firmed up on Tuesday what most already knew, he’ll pass on the PGA Championship at Baltusrol and scrap the rest of 2016.

Now if you want to believe his agent, Mark Steinberg, he’s still re-habbing from a couple of back surgeries and will then determine what the plan for 2017 will be.

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The next question is he done?

Most think so, I’m still inclined to say he’s not… totally.

The biggest thing against him now has been the down time, you can not play at a high level without the practice and reps needed, he’s barely been able to do either other than a few chips here and there, that he’s admitted to, (although he has been spotted hitting a couple of drives); That’s not gonna get it done.

Can he blast it past the young guns anymore, no.

Does he have that intimidating presence anymore, no

But golf is one sport where bigger, stronger, faster doesn’t always win.

Will he pass Jack’s record for majors, don’t think that’s gonna happen, but I wouldn’t put it past him to maybe grab one or two more, (I know you’re laughing hysterically now).

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Why do I think that?

Flashback to last year, after some significant time away, he came back and finished 10th at the Wyndham, (granted it’s the WYNDHAM, not a major, but…).

Plus, look at what just happened at this years’ Open. Phil Mickelson had a shot to win it, he’s 46. Henrik Stenson who won is 40.

Tiger is 40.

I’ll even go you one better.

Flashback to the 2009 Open Championship. Tom Watson went into a playoff and eventually lost to Stewart Cink. Watson was 59!

If anybody can do it, it’s Woods, provided his body can hold up.

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He’s not fighting time, only his mind.