PG & CCV are back with another edition of “Championship Rounds.” Speaking of being back Manny Pacquiao is back from one of the shortest retirements in history and the guys definitely have something to say about that. Pacquiao retired in April, but now plans on coming back to the ring in November.

The Peanut Gallery of course chimes in on the Pacquiao news, “If he hadn’t announced his retirement in April he would have been fighting in November anyway.” Craig says, “That politician money clearly isn’t as big as that fighter money.”

The guys now know they are going to be making the drive this weekend to Birmingham to see the heavyweight title fight between undefeated WBC Champion Deontay Wilder and challenger Chris Arreola. So what better way to get ready for it than to talk to Arreola as the guys do this week. Nicknamed “The Nightmare” Arreola is hoping to be just that to Wilder and shock the world Saturday night.

“This is my third shot at a heavyweight championship and probably my last shot if I don’t win Saturday night. I’m motivated to come to Birmingham and stop Deontay Wilder.”

Did Arreola convince the guys enough during the interview that they will pick him to pull off the upset? The guys give their predictions on the fight and one thing remains certain for PG. “This fight is ending with someone getting put to sleep.”

The guys wrap up this week’s Championship Rounds with a few “Low Blows.” CCV talks about how there needs to be more fighters thinking like Keith Thurman while PG discusses another example of where nepotism has failed.

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