Yes golf fans, it’s time to watch the guys try and hack it out of the weeds and reeds for the British Open, err, excuuuuuse me… The “Open” Championship.

I know the Scots created the game, but it’s my least favorite of the majors, who wants to set the alarm clock to get up and flip on the tube at 1:30 in the morning with a setting that looks like it’s a farmfield? Not to mention the guys could sport anything from polo’s to rain/winter gear and mittens with the gusty winds.

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This years’ track is Royal Troon and actually the Americans’ have done pretty good in the 9 times, (counting this year); that it’s hosted the (ahem), “premiere event” to award the years’ “Champion Golfer”.

The one thing that sets Royal Troon apart and perhaps why the American’s have done well there in the past is, (barring some bad weather); is play “target golf”, what I call American style and shoot to the green/pin, where as the other courses’ on the circuit require a little more imagination such as “bump and run”, using the “Texas Wedge”, (putter); well off the green, etc.

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Mark Calcavecchia, Justin Leonard and Todd Hamilton all grabbed their first major there, however, for the last four Opens’, the Claret jug has gone to guys who have more than one major on the resume, (two of the four, Zach Johnson and Phil Mickelson are from the Red, White and Blue).

One thing to really keep an eye on is “The Postage Stamp”, which is a 123 yard par-3, this coming off Oakmont which had a 299 yardpar-3 on it’s card. This little innocent pup, yardage wise, might not cost a player the tournament, but can sure put a dent into a good round. For some, it’s early enough in the round to recover, (hole #8); bunkers, a gulley, down hill shot with wind and no where to miss, well good luck.

As far as picking say a “final four”, I like Steve Stricker, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Zach Johnson, who I think has a real shot at pulling off something very few have done, repeat. The guy just has that “bulldog mentality”, especially when things aren’t in favor.

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So set the alarm, sit back, grab a pint or two and watch the guys hack it out of the weeds while you chuckle and then head out to your track to do the same.