Dave Archer joined the Morning Show, he told us in 1986 he was here in Atlanta playing for the Falcons. Hugh asked him about the Andrew Luck contract, Arch said “They are clearly betting on the come, the guy who took them to the AFC Championship game, they think he can be that guy again and not the one we saw last year.”

Arch told us about a run in he had with Buddy Ryan, “He had got the Philly job, we played them here in Atlanta, Andre Waters was known as a dirty player, I sprinted out of the pocket and was on the outside edge of the white line and he dove at the back of my knees, I knew Buddy had told his guys to hit me like that, so I jogged over to the sideling Buddy was at and started yelling at him and Buddy took his headset off and told me to get back in the huddle because his guys were coming for me again.”