The last 2 years ended with the Hawks being swept by the Cavs. This season ended once again without a “go to guy” stepping up and hitting big shots late in winnable games.

Winning 108 games the last 2 years is awesome. But the goal should be the Larry O’Brien trophy, not simply “competing” in the lesser of the 2 conferences.

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Lets not brag about what we do in the regular season and stand pat… that’s the Braves job (or at least it used to be).

The Hawks need a scoring wing. We need a star. We need a star who is clutch.

We also need to continue building through the draft and not giving those picks away. We also need to make a tough decision about Al Horford.

I don’t think we need Al Horford on a max contract jamming up the possibility of adding true stars. I know Coach Bud thinks we can’t live without him. The big who can shoot and stretch the defense is all the rage right now. But in our recent playoff losses we needed a true rim protector.

We should have moved Horford before the trade deadline. The Celtics were one of 4 teams interested, if Danny Ferry was still GM, I bet you he pulls the trigger. We could’ve pushed for that 3rd overall pick in a Horford deal and have Buddy Hield right now.

You Horford loyalists are telling me the Hawks can’t find 15 points and 7 boards a night anywhere else in the basketball world? It has to be another Joe Johnson-like albatross around the Hawks neck type contract to get that kind of production?

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I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Al Horford if he was a more consistent, impactful player in the postseason.

Both Horford and Paul Millsap make the basket seem like kryptonite in the last few minutes of playoff games. Remember how Al started Game 3 here against the Cavs? Attacking the basket, driving the lane? If there was more of that and less long jump shots I’d be more likely to say sure, back up the Brinks truck to Horford’s house.

We need a finisher, or at the very least a player not afraid to take the big shot with the game on line.

If Al signs elsewhere it’s not the end of the world. I’d roll the dice with Dwight Howard until he loses interest here. I’d make a play for DeMar DeRozan. Sure, Kevin Durant would be a gigantic long-shot, but it’s nice to see Owner Tony Ressler & the team at least attempting to get some face time with him.

Some guys are still upset about letting Teague go. He had reached his ceiling here. Yes you’ll take your lumps with Dennis Schroder but at least he maintains his intensity for 48 minutes.

I’d even consider moving Paul Millsap.

What would my 2016-17 Hawks team look like? We need some crazy! Grab Boogie Cousins, (you’d have to convince the Kings to take Millsap) sign DeMar DeRozan or Harrison Barnes plus I’d pick up Zaza Pachulia to grab boards and throw his razor like elbows in the paint. We might actually win a game against the Cavs.

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Sound silly? Well so does rolling out the same roster next season and expecting a different result.