Kirby Smart has “It”.

He gets ‘It”.

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What is “It”?

It’s that intangible thing that the great ones have. The great coaches, great players they all have “It”. The trait that separates them from just being good. He has created an enthusiasm and a fever pitch for Dawg nation and he has raised the expectations of the fan base. When you talk to Kirby Smart you get that he is a simple man. Intense, disciplined and a true believer in the “process”. He learned the “process” from Nick Saban, who has owned the college football world for the last decade. Georgia fans are hopeful that Kirby Smart can own that landscape for the next decade. Maybe the Dawgs don’t win 4 national titles in 8 years, but they will compete and play for national championships in the next decade.

Why am I so confident that this will happen? Kirby has shown that he has all the traits to take the Dawgs to the next level.

1. Recruiting (which then)
2. Makes the fan base believe in the program
3. Win Big Games
4. Make in-game adjustments
5. Win Titles

If you look at what Nick Saban has done, he has accomplished all 5 of these things at Alabama. Kirby has accomplished the 1st two in his short time on the job. We truly won’t know what kind of coach he is until he hits the sidelines this fall, but I believe in what I saw at Alabama when he had the nation’s best defense’s year after year as the D.C. He has coached in the biggest games and made adjustments in those games to allow for his teams to win. If you can’t feel the energy and how the expectations have gone up, you are simply not paying attention.

Smart has shown you how he will deal with discipline issues. #bbguns

Smart told Dennis Dodd of CBS sports “OK, this is what you asked for. This is what the extra comma is in your salary for.” and he’s right. But dealing with problems is just part of the job, what he is here to do is win titles. Period.

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I hate to compare what ex-Georgia coach Mark Richt did, but for Dawg fans you have to realize that a decade passed by without an SEC title and Richt was way below .500 against ranked teams since 2008. That is completely inexcusable.

Kirby Smart also told Dodd that Nick Saban would ask him questions about Georgia when he was with him at Alabama.

“He’s asked from time to time, ‘What’s going on? Why don’t they win more?'” To which he replied, “I don’t know that. I’ll never know. They won good, they just didn’t win big.”

See there is more to winning, than just winning 9 or 10 games a year at a program of the magnitude of Georgia. Winning “Big” matters and when the decision to fire Mark Richt and the decision to hire Kirby Smart was made it told me that it mattered for the first time to many Dawg fans but more importantly it mattered to Greg McGarity the Athletic Director.

Kirby has already proven that he can recruit! If you are wondering if he can coach, don’t… Nick Saban doesn’t keep guys who can’t do the job.

No, Smart doesn’t have a conference championship or a national title as a head coach, but I’m willing to bet he will. I’ve gone on record saying the Dawgs will win one in the next 5 years.

Players are buying in, fans are buying in and with attention to detail and having a more disciplined football team with talent… why would you not think that the Dawgs will “Win Big”? This is the start of something special Dawg Nation. Nick Saban has said Georgia, if it’s not the best job in the conference, it certainly should be.

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Everybody in college football knows that UGA is a Top 5 job. But now its time to win and live up to the expectations. Kirby Smart is the right guy, at the right time, in the right place. He has “It” trust me!