Just give the ball to Jacob Eason and be done with it, right Dawg fans?

After nearly two years of articles, blogs and message board chatter many UGA fans were led to believe (or projected in their noggins anyway) that super recruit Jacob Eason would come in and win the starting job as a true Freshman. Just like Zeier and Stafford did before him.

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Sure, Mark Richt might have paid lip service to Greyson Lambert or Brice Ramsey for a game or two to start the season the way he let Joe Tereshinski III start back in 2006. But when JT3 went down with an injury it opened the door for Mathew Stafford. After an up and mostly down first season he developed into the eventual first overall pick in the NFL Draft.

But Richt is gone and all Smart is looking for is somebody to manage the game, hand the ball off and generally not make a mess of things.

But knowing the limitations of Lambert & Ramsey, isn’t it inevitable we’ll see Eason under center this season?

Stafford took his lumps the way all young quarterbacks do. Remember Joe Cox saving his lunch in that 14-13 win over Colorado? That’s my point about Eason, there is no substitute for real game experience. The sooner he starts, the faster he develops. And if he stumbles, hopefully Ramsey could pick up the slack.

Another Super Freshman Eric Zeier had to wait ’til the Clemson game his first year to show what he could do.

After winning that game, he then started the remaining 7 games and went on to re-write the SEC & UGA record books.

Kirby Smart obviously wanted Jacob Eason but sounds like he’s looking to the guys with the experience before throwing the skinny kid from Washington into the fray.

Kirby Smart told the AJC “there hasn’t been much separation” and that it’s “a see-saw battle” between Greyson Lambert, Brice Ramsey and Jacob Eason.

Georgia is expecting over 90,000 Dawgs fans on Saturday. All eyes will be on the most important position on the field. But will any of these dudes step up? How much work will Eason get?

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A definite plan hasn’t been set for splitting snaps on Saturday. In order to get three quarterbacks an equal number of snaps, it’s likely that at least one quarterback will take snaps with both teams writes the AJC’s Seth Emerson.

Lambert has the experience (5th year Senior) but showed last season he’s not the answer. Let’s be honest, Lambert wasn’t going to start for Virginia last season.

How much confidence did Richt’s staff have in Lambert by late October? With an SEC division title on the line, the Dawgs went with Futon Butter… uh, I mean Faton Bauta, and we all know how that turned out.

By Thanksgiving, Brice Ramsey was the punter not the QB. Some folks forget about how hyped Ramsey was back in the day. He was the top QB in the state and was ranked as high as #7 QB in the 2013 National recruiting class.

So why didn’t Ramsey grab the starting job? Especially when the post Aaron Murray signal calling was so unimpressive in Athens?

Stories have emerged that Ramsey’s leadership and drive were about as fiery as a mid week Mark Richt press conference.

Kirby Smart and new Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney have challenged Ramsey to up his game. But will he respond? He has a cannon, that was evident watching him over throw wide receivers and air mailing picks last season.

Based on Smart’s time at Alabama, and how Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin would often wait until Labor Day to name a starting QB, we may not get the answer in Athens anytime soon.

Let’s hope one of these guys rises to the challenge.

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It may be a long shot, but I’m hoping it’s Jacob Eason.