Less than a month to go to the NFL Draft. This year the Falcons have just 5 picks. Then again we have 5 former GMs to help make the right ones. Despite the convoluted decision-making flow chart in Flowery Branch, most Falcons fans hope (and pray) that the ultimate decisions on Draft weekend will be made by Head Coach Dan Quinn.

Especially since defense is Quinn’s specialty and by all accounts there are 15 or more defensive players that can have an immediate impact in 2016. And Dimitroff doesn’t really get defense. His draft history proves it.

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Then again we’re all still scratching our heads over Quinn’s 2nd Round reach for LSU’s Jalen Collins… more on that in a minute.

So, could the 1st & 2nd round picks really be Dimitroff-proofed? There’s so many ball-hawking outside linebackers, QB whooping edge rushers and physical middle linebackers that even if the ultimate decision is Dimitroff’s he can’t screw it up.

But better yet, let’s not chance it. Keep him out of the process altogether! Lock him out of the War Room until the 3rd round.

We don’t need any more Dez Southward’s – picked by Dimitroff (3rd round in 2014) cut by Quinn a year and a half later.

We don’t need any more Peria Jerry’s (selected 24th overall by Dimitroff in 09′)- never made an impact in 5 seasons before tapping out after Quinn arrived in 2014.

We especially don’t need any more 2012 drafts… because nobody is in the league from that class, let alone under performing for the Falcons.

That 2012 draft was a by-product of the Julio Jones trade-up in 2011, (no second rounder in 11′ and no 1st and 4th rounder in 12′). We all know Julio is one of the best WRs in Football . We made it all the way to NFC Championship. But then lost the following 3 seasons to depth issues (the 2013 season in part to the 11 games Julio missed).

So, Thomas, I’m sorry, it’s tough love… hands off the first 2 Falcons selections!

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Starting in Round 3 they unlock the door to the War Room. You can pick running backs or wide receivers to your heart’s content. Whether it was Harry Douglas back in 08′ in the 3rd round or Devonta Freeman in 2014’s 4th round or Tevin Coleman (3rd) & Justin Hardy (4th) in last year’s draft, you are as good at plucking a middle round skilled position player as you are selecting the right pocket square.

But hey! No offensive lineman! Let Scott Pioli and Joel Collier handle that stuff.

I really hope we land Ohio State’s Darron Lee. A super fast OLB that can track down Greg Olsen and all the other tight ends in the NFC South who always seem to run for miles and miles after the catch against the Falcons defense. When’s the last time we had an LB that can go sideline to sideline. Lee is considered one of best blitzers in the 2016 draft class. Buckeyes fans know, he has big time pass rush moves to beat tackles off the edge as well.

People fixate too much on is the guy 4-3 or 3-4? When the Falcons, like every other defense in the NFL, is in a nickel package more than half the time anyway. With Lee, you get a linebacker/safety hybrid that should be a perfect for Quinn’s defense.

Speaking of the secondary, will the real Robert Alford please sign in? He’s getting exasperating. From game-winning Pick-6’s, to blown coverage’s and bad pass interference calls, the Falcons need more consistency out of #23.

There’s rumors Jalen Collins could take his job and start opposite Desmond Trufant this year. Based on what we saw last year, Collins game will have to take a galactic leap forward to win that gig.

One thing for certain, if the Falcons can find some legitimate playmakers at linebacker and defensive end in this year’s draft, the deficiencies in the secondary will be less of a concern.

Because if this team can start sacking the QB on a regular basis… the DB’s job will get a lot easier.

We haven’t had a bona fide pass rush in 12 seasons! And Dimitroff hasn’t done a thing to fix that.

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So let Quinn handle it… the first 2 rounds anyway.