DEKALB COUNTY, GA (WAOK)–Former DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis released from prison Tuesday after serving time for corruption.   You may remember that Ellis on  was found guilty of perjury and attempted theft by extortion back on July 1. He was acquitted of five other counts on charges that included bribery.
Ellis was released Tuesday. A DeKalb County superior court judge sentenced Ellis to 18 months in prison in July. In all, he spent about 8 months behind bars.

Ellis maintained his innocence, saying he made phone calls but didn’t threaten anyone or take action against vendors’ contracts.

The attempted theft by extortion charge refers to Ellis trying to force a company called Power & Energy Services to donate to his political campaign.

The company’s owner Brandon Cummings said he felt “threatened, intimidated (and) I guess scared” by a 2012 phone conversation he had with Ellis.

Cummings testified that Ellis pressured him to donate $2,500 to his political campaign.


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