Mitch Madness 2016 has reached the Finals… the championship match-up to determine the Great Sports Movie of All Time.

Mitch Madness Finals:

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(1) Rocky vs. (1) Remember The Titans


On Tuesday night’s show, overall No. 1 seed ROCKY beat (2) CADDYSHACK 40-28 to win the All Other Sports Bracket. (2) WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP  was a 30-28 victor over (4) SPACE JAM to win the Basketball Bracket, and will meet ROCKY in the Final-4.

Over in the Baseball Bracket, 3 seed MAJOR LEAGUE upset No. 1 FIELD OF DREAMS 27-20, while (1) REMEMBER THE TITANS crushed (6) WE ARE MARSHALL to win the Football Bracket… so those 2 winners will meet up in the other Final-4 match-up.

Mitch Madness Final Four:

(1) Rocky vs. (2) White Men Can’t Jump

(3) Major League vs. (1) Remember The Titans


Here were the brackets and results for this year’s Mitch Madness 2016 competition:


(1) Field of Dreams vs. (8) Moneyball / 42

(4) A League of their Own vs. (5) The Sandlot

(3) Major League vs. (6) The Bad News Bears

(2) Bull Durham vs. (7) The Natural

Second Round

(1) Field of Dreams vs. (5) The Sandlot

(2) Bull Durham vs. (3) Major League

Over in the Baseball bracket, No. 1 FIELD OF DREAMS survived a big-time scare from another 5 seed, THE SANDLOT, in advancing 24-22. FIELD will square off in the bracket final versus (3) MAJOR LEAGUE, which crushed second-seeded BULL DURHAM 32-10.

Third Round – Baseball Finals

(1) Field of Dreams vs. (3) Major League



(1) Remember the Titans vs. (8) The Blind Side / The Program

(4) The Longest Yard vs. (5) Any Given Sunday

(3) Varsity Blues vs. (6) We Are Marshall

(2) Rudy vs. (7) Friday Night Lights

Second Round

(1) Remember the Titans vs. (5) Any Given Sunday

(2) Rudy vs. (6) We Are Marshall

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We had another shocker in the Football bracket, where sixth-seeded WE ARE MARSHALL won by a field goal margin over No. 2 RUDY 28-25. However, there were no such concerns for top seed REMEMBER THE TITANS thanks to a 29-3 drubbing of ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.

Third Round – Football Finals

(1) Remember The Titans vs. (6) We Are Marshall



(1) Hoosiers vs. Love and (8) Love and Basketball / Coach Carter

(4) Space Jam vs. (5) Blue Chips

(3) He Got Game vs. (6) Hoop Dreams

(2) White Men Can’t Jump vs. (7) Glory Road

Second Round

(1) Hoosiers vs. (4) Space Jam

(2) White Men Can’t Jump vs. (3) He Got Game

In the most surprising upset of the tournament thus far, SPACE JAM shocked Basketball bracket top seed HOOSIERS 33-29. It’s become apparent that No. 5 SPACE JAM possesses a cult-like following that no doubt is being fueled by noted Jam-worshiper Kristin Ledlow. After previously knocking off BLUE CHIPS in the opening round, MJ, Bugs, Ledlow and Company will next meet up with (2) WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP, which was a one-sided 29-6 victor over HE GOT GAME.

Third Round – Basketball Finals

(2) White Men Can’t Jump vs. (4) Space Jam



(1) Rocky vs. (8) Slap Shot / Tin Cup

(4) Ali vs. (5) Million Dollar Baby

(3) The Karate Kid vs. (6) Rounders

(2) Caddyshack vs. (7) Raging Bull

Second Round

(1) Rocky vs. (5) Million Dollar Baby

(2) Caddyshack vs. (3) The Karate Kid

And, in the All Other Sports bracket we stuck to the chalk….overall tourney No. 1 ROCKY scored a 29-1 knockout on MILLION DOLLAR BABY, while second seeded- CADDYSHACK got past THE KARATE KID 21-14.

Third Round – All Other Sports Finals

(1) Rocky vs. (2) Caddyshack




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