There’s a lot of shooters tearing up the NBA right now, but I wanted to break down my Top 5 shooters of ALL TIME. I’ve been an NBA fan for a long time now and had the pleasure of watching each of the guys play.

Let’s take a look at five through one:

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5. Dirk Nowitzki: Kareem had the sky hook, but Dirk has the iron leg fadeaway. Whether it was a cold-blooded three or a mid-range jumper, Dirk shot his way to sixth on the all-time scoring list. Sixth!

4. Larry Bird: I love talking to Larry’s contemporaries about his game… the stories are legendary. Like the time he came out of a timeout and warned Xavier McDaniel that he was going to catch a pass in the corner and hit a three over the X-man to win the game… and, of course, he did.

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3. Reggie Miller: He had the record for most threes until Ray passed him, and like Ray, he never missed a gotta-have-it trey. His release was awkward, but he shot his way to over 25,000 points.

2. Ray Allen: Ray Ray is currently the all-time leader in threes made, but it’s not just about the stats. It’s about the picture perfect form and the fact that he hit EVERY jumper his teams had to have. Dude was automatic in the clutch.

1. Stephen Curry: There is no debate; Steph is the best shooter of all time. Period. We’ve had deep shooters before, but only Steph can pull from anywhere — and I mean anywhere — and you think it’s going in. If you watched the OKC masterpiece on Saturday, you know what I’m talking about. When he is done, he’ll have every 3-point record, multiple MVPs, and multiple championships.

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Others who almost made this list: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan, Steve Nash, Dennis Scott.