By Rob Hamilton

Our own Rick Kamla is known in most places as Mr. NBA. He hosts numerous shows on NBA TV, works alongside the greats and knows everything there is to know about the NBA.

So it’s only fitting that we go inside his head and take a look at his actual notes he took while watching the NBA All-Star game.

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Here we go:

Kobe almost cried pregame after watching video tribute

Kobe and Lebron opening tip… Nice touch

First possession of the game: Wedtbrook aggressive drive for mega dunk, he wants MVP again

C-Webb calls it the best pickup game in the world

Westbrook and Durant came out looking for theirs, not Kobe’s

Kyle Lowry comes out smokin from 3 point range after a disappointing 3 point contest on Saturday

Paul George 11 early points, hunting his shot, looks like he wants to win MVP

Russ and KD playing buddyball, like they want co-MVP

Kobe’s first basketball is a jumper that spins around the rim 3-4 times before deciding to drop through the hoop

How about the West coming off the bench with James Harden, Anthony Davis and Chris Paul

Millsap on the board with a deep 3

Insane alley oop from Paul to Davis. I didn’t think Davis would be able to catch let alone dunk it. Made Curry fall off his chair. Play of the game nominee

Next possession Paul off the window to Davis for another POG nominee

End 1: East 43, West 40

Paul George first quarter MVP…14 points and 4 threes

1045 of 2nd quarter: Horford checks in, 2 Hawks on the floor

If Al or Paul get the rock they better shoot because if they pass, they won’t get it back

Millsap airball…yikes!!

Kobe vs Lebron one on one. Lebron slaps the floor with both hands. Kobe misses contested jumper

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Kobe makes vintage spinning fadeaway out of a post up. Assist to Olajuwon.

Wade slight of hand, scooping alley oop to former teammate Lebron for the jam. POG nominee

Halftime: West 92, East 90
–most points in a half by both teams in All-Star history –George 16 points –Kawhi 13 points –Kobe 10-5-4, 4 for 8 from field –Curry 9 pts –Anthony Davis 12 pts, 6 for 6 –Paul 6 points, 9 assists

Chris Paul first half MVP

The West opens up a 17 point lead behind Curry and Westbrook who are neck and neck for MVP early third

Paul George has 29 mid third, 7 threes, East suddenly within 8 points

Final minute of the fourth quarter: Al Horford in the books with an elbow jimmy

Horford buzzer beating 3 to end the third quarter.

End 3: West 145, East 136

Paul George 32 points and 8 threes, MVP through 3 quarters –tied 3 pt record for AS game

Kobe misses post up ISO fadeaway J vs former teammate Pau Gasol

Paul George hits 9th 3 to set the AS game record, breaking Carmelo’s previous record of 8, 39 points –Wilt has the record at 42

George reverse jam for 41 points

Pop is a party pooper. Sics Draymond and Durant on George in the final minute to keep him from breaking Wilt’s record. Boooooo!

West wins 196-173
–highest scoring AS game ever

Westbrook 31-8-5, 5 steals, 7 threes, wins MVP again, first time a player has gone BTB solo in AS history

Our hometown heroes…

Horford 7 points, 3 for 3

Millsap 3 points, 1 for 6

One of the best All-Star weekends ever is in the books. Now, let’s take it to the air…

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We agree, one of the best All-Star weekends is officially a wrap, the holiday weekend is over, so let’s talk some basketball! LISTEN LIVE HERE