With football over its time to turn our attention to the upcoming NCAA Tourney and March Madness… You know… The College Basketball Tournament… Something we USED to expect Georgia Tech to be a part of?

A 3rd straight loss this past Sunday now puts the Jackets at 12-11 for the season and just 2-8 in ACC Conference play… Which means yet again Tech will be left out of the tourney now a 6th straight year.

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I’m not sure there is an athletic team or program locally that has taken a bigger fall than GA Tech hoops.  While the Brian Gregory era has been nothing less than underwhelming, it’s not all on him… That’s about as positive a spin as I can put on it.  If you look back at the history of the Tech hoops program the trend has been ongoing for a while.  Look at the chart below…


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So a couple of points about the above chart… All 3 coaches took over the program at times when they weren’t at their best and needed some rebuilding… And conference expansion in the ACC hasn’t helped make life easier for Tech.

What bothers me, though, about the current state of the program is that we are seeing a complete fall off the cliff.  Brian Gregory has not done a good job recruiting, especially within the state… He’s relying too much on graduate transfers to help the program… Young players are not developing… And in conference Tech has become a complete basement dweller.  This season after a 10-3 non-conference start and a win at home against then #4 Virginia things started to look up for post season play.  However, close losses to both good and bad teams within the conference have sunk any chance of that 1st tourney bid for Gregory.  At least under Cremins and Hewitt there were tourney bids, some tourney runs, and competitiveness within conference… Heck there was a time when Tech hoops was the babe, the boy, the hot place to be for sports in Atlanta.

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Gregory is now in his 5th year at Tech so all of the kids on the roster and their results are directly on him.  I don’t think anybody expects the program to be in the tourney year in and year out.  Will Tech ever be what it once was?… Probably not.  Should Tech hoops be a program that can only win 1 of every 4 conference games and never be a tourney team?… Absolutely not!  Is Brian Gregory the man to continue to lead the Tech program?… Ahhh, that will be the question for Tech AD Mike Bobinski to answer after another disappointing season.