His teammates can support him all they want by saying they didn’t come with their respective A-games on Super Sunday.

But the fact that they didn’t doesn’t exonerate Cam Newton from acting like an A-hole after his Panthers fell to the Broncos 24-10 in Super Bowl 50, the NFL’s newly minted MVP sulking his way through all of three minutes with the media before walking off into the Santa Clara night.

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Obviously, if Cam and Carolina had won, his demeanor would’ve been a whole lot more cooperative.

But they didn’t, and the resultant boorish, brooding behavior — whether he gives a flip or not — paints Newton as the sorest of losers.

Of course, it hurt to lose the biggest game of his life. And sure, he may have lost the only chance he’ll ever get at kissing the brass ring. Dan Marino can tell Cam Newton all about losing to a legend and having no guarantees of a return Super Bowl trip.

But be magnanimous in defeat. Especially when you would’ve been the dabbing and posing life of the party if you had won.

Get ready… because here it comes: Would Peyton Manning have pulled that kind of stunt if HE had lost for what would’ve been a third time in the big game?

OK that was a trick question, because we all know the answer.

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Last weekend Serena Williams was upset in the Australian Open singles final to Angelique Kerber, costing her a chance at tying Stefi Graff’s modern career Grand Slam record. But despite the disappointment, Serena was seen smiling and exhibiting true joy for Kerber’s first-ever Slam win during the trophy presentation ceremonies.

For the even sometimes surly Serena, it was an admiral and welcome show of class on her part. And then in her post-match presser, she told everyone she “couldn’t win them all”… even if she “was expected to.”

No, you can’t win them all. But you can act with dignity when you don’t. Serena did just that.

Maybe Cam will learn to do the same someday.

Just for the record, I am not a Cam Newton hater. I greatly respect his tremendous talents, skills and achievements, not to mention his joy for playing football and the unique way in which he celebrates that.

Yes, Cam Newton has a huge chip on his shoulder. When you can walk the walk the way he does, why wouldn’t you? But you’ve got to talk the talk when it doesn’t go your way, too.

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Von Miller and the Broncos tugged on Superman’s cape, and the Man of Steel shriveled into Clark Kent before our very eyes.