By Rob Hamilton

After losing to the Denver Broncos 24-10 in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday night in San Francisco, Cam Newton, like the rest of the players from both teams came out to answer questions from the media in the traditional post-game press conference.

Well, that’s where anything “traditional” about it ended.

Cam was obviously upset that his team had just lost the game, but he took the podium in a hoody that he kept on the whole time. He then answered questions with one word, or a short few word, answers.

Newton, who can come off as arrogant to some football fans, did nothing to win any new fans over in the press conference, and probably alienated even more fans.

Two minutes into the barrage of questions, Cam abruptly got up and walked off.

This is one “moment” that he will end up regretting.

Win with class, lose with class.

Not a moment that Cam will remember fondly.