So you listen to guys like Carl Dukes, Mike Bell, John Fricke, Hugh Douglas, Mark Zinno, Mitch Evans and Rick Kamla on the air every day. You hear them break down games and analyze what they saw and heard.

Have you ever wondered how they did it?

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Rick Kamla took notes during his viewing of the Super Bowl on Sunday night and has let us in to peek behind the curtain.

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Here are Rick’s notes from Sunday’s Broncos win over the Panthers…

Manning gets 200th win and passes Favre for most wins regular and postseason combined. And with 2 rings, is Peyton the best ever? (I still say Montana and Brady are ahead of him)

Game notes…

Denver early third and four got 50-50 call on manning pass to Caldwell

Macmanus fg on first drive

Den 3-0

America doesn’t care about Scott Baio

CAR three and out first drive, over throw by Cam on possession

Hey CBS, the game just started, it’s not “almost time for the halftime show”

Crotchery drop on first down

Mike Carey wrong on challenged Cotchery drop…I don’t believe they went to him the rest of the game. Easiest prop bet in Vegas was Carey being wrong about a coaches challenge.

Den gets another 50-50 call

Stewart limping off. Lt foot questionable to return

Von miller strip sack, fumble recovery for TD by Jackson

den 10-0

Denver Sacks Cam on third down on next drive, but…aqib Talib gets a taunting penalty to extend the drive for Car. Turning point?

Another drop by Cotchery on third down

Carolina is nervous, typical Super Bowl jitters, they need to avoid falling in too big of a big hole

Buick commercial with Odell Beckham was well done.

Kuechly sacks Peyton on third down

The Acura Runnin with the Devil ad with David Lee Roth vocals is in the running for best commercial

Jonathon Stewart leaps into the end zone a la Walter Payton to cap a settle-in drive by the Panthers.

Den 10-7

Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer ad for Bud Light was great, in running. biggest caucus??

Steven Tyler Skittles ad was well played…but where was Marshawn for the end-of-ad cameo?

Josh Norman great break up on second down pass by Peyton

Demarious Thomas drop on third down

Car forced to punt

Norwood longest punt return in Super Bowl history, sets up Broncos in the red zone, but Jared Allen huge tackle on third down, fourth and one, broncos go for it, but Vasquez called for holding, so McManus fg

Den 13-7

Tolbert second fumble of the game, huge hit by Darian Stewart, this time Denver recovers
–another huge play by Denver defense
–another huge mistake by Carolina

Demarious Thomas another bad drop

Peyton SQUEAKY THROW picked off by Kony Ealy with one hand
–but panthers could not capitalize, Cam missed pass on third down

Prius car chase ad was clever, brought back the chase in the post game show. Great idea. I’m wondering if Larry David was the brains behind such genius.

The rookie Funchess to the rescue on third and 12 just over 1 minute left in the first half…

Demarcus Ware Sacks Cam to close the first half

I must be getting old because I rather enjoyed the halftime show even though I don’t own a single song by Coldplay, Beyoncé, or Bruno Mars

I loved the commercial when Baldwin and Marino were talking trash about not winning the big one

First drive of second half, Cam dimed Cotchery, who drops another one, would have been first and goal

The loss of Kelvin Benjamin is finally coming back to haunt Carolina

We have our Blair Walsh moment as Gano misses from 44 yards, off the right upright…still 13-7 Broncos

Another mistake by the Panthers

Replay shows Talib was offsides on fga, no call, PRO DENVER call

Doritos always has great Super Bowl ads

Anthony Hopkins not “selling out” as Turbo Tax spokesman because it’s free…ironic…brilliant! Best ad of the Super Bowl.

Denver drill stalls in red zone McManus hits fg (10 for 10 in playoffs).

Den 16-7

Cam long pass to Philly Brown, possible turning point play, mid third quarter

Did Cam injure his left shoulder on the play?

Drop by Ginn , Simms says Cam threw it too hard, whatever dude, and it was picked off, then fumbled, and recovered by Travathan.
—-Signature play of this game

Another mistake by Carolina

Another D play by Denver

Those are the themes of this game

Manning goes fetal for the first time, sack by Kony Ealy

Von Miller spin move leads to fifth sack of the night by Denver’s defense. I’m wondering at this point if they give SB MVP to Von, or find a way to give it to Peyton???

Ealy everywhere. Third sack. Strip sack on manning in early fourth quarter and Carolina gets it at midfield

Another Car opp, but will they give it back with another mistake?

Philly Brown out with concussion

50-50 call goes Denver’s way as roby gets away with PI on ted Ginn and it would have been a first down

Gano fg just over 10 left

Den 16-10

Any ad with Christopher Walken is the bomb

The stage is set for epic squeakiness by Peyton

Run on first two downs, then Thomas falls down on third down incomplete pass

Panthers stall again

Peyton and Broncos get it back with just over 7 minutes left, and they run it three straight times / did they want to run clock or were they afraid of Peyton?

Panthers can drive to win the game. Under 5 minutes

Von Miller strip sack recovered by Broncos at the Carolina 4 yard line.
 —Cam hesitated to dive for the fumble when it appeared he would have had at least a 50-50 chance of getting it back. Ball game.

Den 24-10

Von is about to vault from walk year free agent to Super Bowl MVP to PAID like Flacco

Did Peyton just kiss Papa John two seconds after winning his second Super Bowl??

Peyton was asked by Wolfson and Nantz if this was his last game and both times he said he was going to drink lots of Budweiser. Just wait until the Peyton ad for Bud hits the airwaves.

Let’s Go Hawks!!!

Now you see how the sausage is made. It might not be pretty, with references to Scott Baio and Christopher Walken thrown in, but that’s how Rick Kamla preps for a show when watching a game like the Super Bowl.

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