Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Glavine joined the show to discuss Braves Alumni Weekend.

The Hall of Fame Pitcher shared, “I’m really not used to being called a Hall of Famer. When people say it, it sounds good and is a reminder that I now have that title”.

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Fricke asked Tom about Turner Field being in it’s last year. Tom said “I can’t believe the stadium is already 20 years old”, but at the end of the day he completely understands why the team is building a new stadium and he loves the idea of things that are being built around the new stadium.

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Hugh asked Tom about the new look Braves and Tom answered “I understand why fans feel the way they do about the trades, but I think you have to be patient with the trades they have made because the team is doing exactly what they did when I was a young player to build the team so it is easier for me to have a positive outlook on the moves.”

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Listen to the full interview here: