From the mind of Hugh Douglas… Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Hugh Douglas says he is no longer pulling for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

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He was pulling for Cam because he is from Atlanta, but after listening to A To Z with Mark Zinno the previous night he has changed his mind.

Out of respect for the City of Atlanta, Hugh is now pulling for the Denver Broncos.

But wait, Daryle brings up the fact that Denver was the team that beat Atlanta in their only Super Bowl appearance.

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Then John Fricke brings up the fact that Peyton Manning is “swamp people”. Referring to the fact the Peyton is from the hated New Orleans.

Beau says Hugh is doing the right thing because we Atlantans should not overlook the dabbing and disrespect that Cam and Carolina showed to the Falcons in Charlotte this season.

So which is more important? Pulling for the NFC South? Pulling for an Atlanta native? Pulling against an NFC South team?

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Listen to Hugh make his case here: