Tiger Woods.

The name can start discussions, conversations and arguments.

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Golf fans, and sports fans in general, either love him or hate him.

Most everyone has come to the conclusion however that is days of dominating the sport are over.

Most everyone.

Billy Payne, the chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club, says that Tiger will win again and win big.

Payne, in an interview with Golfweek’s Jeff Babineau about his 10-year tenure as chairman, said that he has been asked “thousands of times” about Tiger’s future in golf.

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Payne said, “Not only will we see him back, we’ll see him win again. He’s that extraordinary a talent. I know he’s had a lot of medical issues, but he’s just so good. So yes, we’ll see Tiger re-emerge as a great player.” You can read the full interview here.

It’s hard to see Tiger breaking Jack’s six win record at this point, something we all thought we would easily do before the incident (let’s leave it at that).  Woods has four green jackets, but his relationship with Augusta National and more so Chairman Payne has been a little rocky.

Now let’s be clear, Chairman Payne said he thinks Tiger will “win again”. He did not say he thought Tiger would win The Masters again.

What do you think? Could Tiger take home one more green jacket?

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