Arthur Blank issued the statement, but Dan Quinn made the decision.

Thomas Dimitroff remains as Atlanta Falcons General Manager because Quinn deemed it so. That is all there is to it. If Quinn had any reservations about his first year collaborating with Dimitroff, then Blank’s statement would’ve been vastly different.

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All of this really comes as no surprise. While a great faction of FalconsNation certainly is fuming as a result of the decision to retain the much-criticized Dimitroff, there was never so much of an inkling that the working relationship between D.Q. and T.D. wasn’t operating smoothly.

In fact, immediately after the season-ending loss to the Saints, Blank let the cat out of the bag when he said he was pleased with how smoothly Quinn and Dimitroff had taken to each other in their first season in concert.

Nearly a year ago, Dan Quinn arrived in Atlanta and immediately said one of the reasons why he was interested in the Falcons head coaching position to begin with was because of Thomas Dimitroff and the opportunity to work side by side with him. That stunned plenty of people who root for the Black and Red, so much so that they developed instant doubts about Quinn himself.

The just completed 8-8 season clearly illustrated that while things were better than they had been during the final two years under Mike Smith, the Falcons roster was still devoid of enough quality starting players and overall depth.

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That is a complete reflection of the sub-par job Dimitroff has done in his eight years of evaluating talent for the Falcons. There is no sugar coating those facts. Not when you look at the numerous draft busts and free agent mistakes.

However, when you gauge Dimitroff, you must also do so looking through the prism of how he helped save the franchise in 2008 in the aftermath of the calamity that was the Mike Vick scandal and the Bobby Petrino debacle.

Even the most ardent Thomas Dimitroff detractors must remember and recognize that, no matter how painful it might be. Yes, it’s somewhat ancient news and doesn’t mean a hill of beans today when we look at the team, but there’s no telling what the last eight seasons would’ve looked like without the work Dimitroff did back then.

Was all of that enough to keep him around? Certainly not… but inside the walls at 4400 Falcon Parkway, it hasn’t been forgotten.

The bottom line today is that Dan Quinn runs the Falcons from top to bottom. He’s got the final say on any and all matters that affect the football team. That includes who is drafted, who is signed, who plays when and where… and who works in the front office.

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Thomas Dimitroff still does because Dan Quinn says so.