To win any big game in the NFL, your team needs playmakers to make big plays. Obvious but sometimes hard to have multiple players all make them in the same game.
Game balls have given way to hashtags as the award of choice for outstanding play.
Top five Falcons that stood out against Cam and company…
1. #JulioJones – Schooled Josh Norman, made a TD catch among the best of the year and one of the team’s all time great plays.
2. #MattRyan – Say what you want, but this was pure leadership guts. Few, if any, QBs in the league make those plays under assault.
3. #VicBeasley – So this is why you were drafted. Now you know what your new standard is. High motor, disruptive and the key play against the league’s MVP in the most clutch moment of the season.
4. #DevontaFreeman – Key run after key bock after key run. Single-handedly keeping drives alive. He is turning into a franchise running back.
5. #ShayneGraham – The first attempt was so inept we had to wonder if he was done for, only to trot out for such a critical kick from such a long way because of stupid penalties that threatened to allow a meltdown. And then to make a career kick. Well done. We might have a camp battle next summer.
One more…