The Dirty 30 with Rick and Randy:

Rick Kamla and Randy McMichael, in for Randy Cross today, went to the phones to find out what you guys think about the Falcons’ matchup with the undefeated Panthers on Sunday. And the opinions were passionate and flying all over the place!

Rick Kamla pointed out that NO ONE is arguing for the firing of our head coach Dan Quinn. Not one person has brought that up. Rick said that if it goes this way again next year, Quinn could be a two and done. Randy McMichael says he does not see that happening. He thinks Quinn will turn it around.

Hunter from Marietta thinks the Falcons absolutely can schock the world on Sunday. Rick agrees that the Falcons CAN win, but will they?

Brian in Smyrna says this is simple “YES WE WILL. Matt Ryan needs to give Shanahan the finger and run his offense the way he runs his offense.” Rick does agree that this could be a one and done for OC Kyle Shanahan.

Bobby in Woodstock says all these Tampa and Panter fans need to stop calling this radio station, this is a Falcons town! Bobby also says we will absolutely win this weekend and the Falcons will do it with run defense and the secondary.

Brandon in Lindell, GA says “Not just no, but hell no. I drove seven hours to New Orleans to watch us get the crap kicked out of us and the other Randy (Cross) that’s not there today, hypocrite Randy, that always defends Matt Ryan, he hangs up on people and tells them they’re stupid when they say Matt Ryan’s not good.” Brandon was on fire today. “This thing is over”, says Brandon.

Rick and Randy give their opinions at the end of the segment. Watch it above!


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