Hugh and I were debating (OK arguing just a little) about the expectations for new Georgia head coach Kirby Smart.

I entirely understand that many UGA fans want to see progress in the program. A majority said just that on an unscientific poll I held on my Twitter @JohnFricke.

Progress is nice. UGA does not have a program built for nice.

There is no reason, not one, that the bar in Athens should be even one fraction lower than it is in Tuscaloosa.

Smart was hired to do what Mark Richt was fired for failing to do.
Win a National Title.
Since the start of the old BCS era in 1998 Tennessee, LSU, Florida, Alabama and Auburn have won National titles.  There is no reaso, again none, that Georgia is not on that list.
The goal every season should be to, first, win the SEC East.  Win the division means making the SEC title game, which is equal to a play-in game for the new playoffs.
Actually, the goal at UGA ought to be MULTIPLE National titles.  Not one over the next 5 years but 3 over the next 15.  Heck maybe even more.  
Alabama’s bar is to win the national title every single season.  Why should Georgia’s be any different? It shouldn’t be.
This is not South Carolina where the bar is to be relevant, beat Clemson more times than not and once in awhile make a serious run at the division crown.
If that’s all UGA wanted, heck shoulda kept Richt.
Time to up the ante.  The heat will be on the former Dawg comin’ home and it should be.
Georgia needs to set a clear goal.  At least 3 SEC East titles in the next 5 season and one of those years ending in its first national title in nearly 40 years.
Otherwise, Georgia is guilty of becoming one of the biggest underachievers in all of sports.