By Matt Holmes

ATLANTA – One of my favorite TV shows of the past decade is the hilarious and ever-quotable “Arrested Development”. The show chronicles the wealthy, but hapless Bluth family who – despite the successes of their friends and rivals – just can’t seem to get it right.

"A Magician Named Gob" (Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

“A Magician Named Gob” (Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

When news came down this afternoon that Mark Richt had been fired – and let’s call this what it is, not a “mutual decision”, but a firing – I couldn’t help but think of the Bluths. Gob, the eldest of the Bluth siblings is a magician and perpetual screw-up, who each episode would inevitably make some boneheaded decision. Whether it was failing to escape from prison after he had voluntarily committed himself, dumping his beautiful TV star girlfriend, or discovering he had fathered an illegitimate child, Gob would always utter the same words: “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

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I can hear those very words coming from the office of the Athletic Director at the University of Georgia.

Not today, though. Greg McGarity did the hard part, ripping off the band-aid and cutting loose one of the most popular and also polarizing coaches in the history of the university. McGarity should feel good. He’s now stepping into an opportunity that men and women in his position covet: he has the chance to put his fingerprints all over his school’s football program by hand picking a new head coach.

Will 'Bama's Kirby Smart be the next head man in Athens? (Credit: Michael Chang/Getty Images)

Will ‘Bama’s Kirby Smart be the next head man in Athens? (Credit: Michael Chang/Getty Images)

McGarity will sift through some impressive resumes (Smart, Pruitt) with some big-time names (Kelly, Kiffin). He’ll fly around on private jets as a breathless media tracks his every move, looking for clues that may lead to the new face of Georgia football. 

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This fall he’ll watch as a new era in Georgia football begins at the Georgia Dome Labor Day weekend in front of a national television audience.

Then what?

You look at Georgia’s schedule and it’s a crapshoot. UNC on a neutral field. At Missouri with a new coach. At Ole Miss. Home for a Tennessee squad on the upswing. At South Carolina with a new coach. The Cocktail Party against what should be a top-ten Florida team. Home for what should be an improved Auburn side. Home for the always tricky Georgia Tech.

Maybe McGarity makes the perfect, home run-type hire and it all goes right (see McElwain, Jim). But maybe it doesn’t. That’s eight football games that Georgia either could or should lose. 4-8…5-7…perhaps 6-6?

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At some point this fall – and we know it to be true, because hindsight is always 20-20 – Greg McGarity will be sitting in his office, reflecting on today’s decision. And just like “a Magician named Gob”, McGarity will realize “I’ve made a huge mistake”.