If we haven’t met, let me introduce myself. I’m Mark Owens, a UGA Homer. I also host a College Show with former UGA QB David Greene. Our motto is “we critique, but never turn our back on the Dawgs.” With that, today is weird. 
I was a having a nice quiet Sunday with the family. Woke up feeling good about a win over rival GT and wrapping up the regular season with a frustrating, but not degrading 9-3 record. Next I’m preparing to watch the Championship games Saturday and wait to see what part of Florida we will spend the New Year for a Bowl Game. 
After Church I took the family to Moes for lunch, as we were wrapping up I looked down at my phone for the first time in about an hour and saw 5 missed calls and 25 new texts. I knew it without looking. Mark Richt had been fired. I knew this day was coming but assumed it would be in 2 years. Not after beating Tech.
So, the Top 5 things we know now:
  • #1) Richt agreed to step down. He would also “have the opportunity to accept other duties and responsibilities at UGA after the Bowl Game.” – Basically, we are offering him other gigs in the hopes he doesn’t take a job elsewhere and take our recruits.
  • #2) Richt has not spoken (as of this writing) but did say “I appreciate the opportunity of serving the University as well as considering any other options that may present themselves in the future.” – So, he will look at the other gigs they will “create” for him in Athens, but let’s be honest, the only other spot that we (as fans) would want to see him in is the AD.
  • #3) According to the Press Release, Richt will coach the team in the Bowl Game. (Think that will be a hot ticket now?)
  • #4) Some CMR Stats at UGA: He went 145-51, had a .740 winning percentage, 2nd on the all-time wins list, trailing Vince Dooley and he was only behind Les Miles for players in the NFL. He’s taken the Dawgs to 14 Bowls with a 9-5 record.
  • #5) CMR led UGA to 2 SEC Championships and 6 SEC East Titles. The 2002 SEC Championship win was the first in 20 years.
What are the Top 5 rumors?
  • #1) The UGA airplane is headed to Philly to meet with Chip Kelly.
  • #2) Kirby Smart has already been in talks with UGA.
  • #3) Greg McGarity will be fired, Richt will step in.
  • #4) CMR wants to coach at Miami, his alma mater.
  • #5) Richt knew about his firing, that’s why he flew across the country to meet with Jacob Eason, to convince him to stay.
Kirby Smart does lead the pact of coaches to take over Between the Hedges, followed by Dan Mullen and (gasp) Mike Bobo, remember him?!
Ironically I put a poll on the @DavidGreeneShow twitter page asking if CMR should stay or to go. 76% responded with STAY. Just now I asked if UGA made the right move and “This will Backfire” has a big lead.
I get the feeling the only people that really hated CMR are bloggers looking for clicks and sports “pundits” with no real ties to the team looking for an opportunity to crap on the fan base. 
Personally, I’m shocked, but not surprised. I have always had so much respect for the man and working with David Greene had reminded me how much the players love him too. However, Im also tired of not being feared and ready to be a “dynasty” not just a team with a huge supportive fan base and a coach with a heart of gold. I can only assume the Athletic Dept. was feeling the heat or reading too many blogs. 
After the news settles, get ready for more rumors and more info from “inside sources” in Athens. Gonna be a wild week for Dawg Nation. Join us Thursday 6-8 for The David Greene College Show for the latest. 
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Go Dawgs?