The 49ers held Falcons running back Devonta Freeman in check. Freeman entered the game leading the league in rushing, but was held to 12 yards on 12 carries. The Falcons averaged 126 yards rushing per game, which ranked eighth in the league, before facing San Francisco… RIDICULOUS!

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The Falcons held Blaine Gabbert in check the 2nd half… the 49ers DID NOT SCORE! I REPEAT, DID NOT SCORE IN THE 2ND HALF OF THE GAME. Yes, Gabbert completed 15 of 25 passes for 185 yards and had two touchdowns but he also threw two interceptions.

Most people want to blame Dan Quinn for this loss.

I don’t. Here is why!

The Falcons were trailing by four points, fourth-and-goal at the San Francisco 1, three minutes remaining, two timeouts remaining. Dan Quinn chooses to kick the field goal that brought his team within a FG of winning the game with 2:56 to play. He relied on his defense to make a stop. Why would you not believe they would when you have held the 49ers scoreless and in check the entire half. The 49ers made two first downs — one on a third-down scramble, the other on two running plays and that was the ballgame.

Coach Quinn was thinking “We take the points; we use our timeouts; we use the two-minute warning and we get the ball back with plenty of time to kick another field goal.” On the road when your defense is ballin’ out, that is the right decision!

You say he should have gone for it on 4th down? Let me take you back in my time machine. Not every fourth-and-1 gamble works!

Mike Smith.

On Nov. 11, 2012, Smith faced close to the same choice: The 8-0 Falcons trailed New Orleans by four points and had fourth-and-goal at the 1 with 1:46 left and two timeouts remaining. Matt Ryan threw towards Roddy White. Jabari Greer broke up the pass. The Falcons got the ball back in that game and still lost due to penalties that keep them from scoring. Saints win!

In the last 4 games, the Falcons offense has scored:
21 vs Saints- Loss
10 vs Titans -Win
20 vs Bucs in OT- Loss
16 on Sunday vs 49ers- UGLY LOSS

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The 49ers are 28th in total defense, 27th in yards per game, 30th in passing yards given up, 28th vs passing yards per game, 25th vs the run, 20th in the league allowing 112 yards per game (Devonta Freeman had 12 yards?) JUST FOR CONTRAST, THE FALCONS DEFENSE IS 2ND IN THE LEAGUE ALLOWING 88 YARDS PER GAME.

The 49ers are also 24th in points allowed giving up 25 points per game THE FALCONS SCORED 16! HELLO!

The defense did its job. The offense and the play calling failed us, not Coach Quinn, he made the right call. 3 passing plays in the redzone is not smart when you have the leagues 2nd leading rusher in the backfield! 721 for Freeman on the season vs 758 for Adrian Peterson.

Last but not least I am sick of it! Free Roddy. I will be wearing my t-shirt this week!

FREE RODDY WHITE! What the Hey is going on out there?

We are 9 games into the season.

The Falcons’ offense was stagnant and blew great field position all game. The Falcons started three drives on the plus side of the 50 yard line and didn’t get any points. Ryan had two passes batted down and didn’t throw the ball to Roddy White until six seconds left in the third quarter. He found White for a 20-yard gain in the fourth quarter.

Roddy White’s Season Stats so far:

  • 16 Catches
  • 28 Targets
  • 210 Yards
  • 1 TD? 1 TD?????????

He is the Falcons all-time leading WR. He can still play! He can still help this team win by catching the ball!


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