The Top 5 Sports Callers of the week is a weekly installment from CBS Local Sports that will bring you the wildest callers from across the nation.

Number 5: In this week’s episode we start with Wayne from Atlanta who joined the Rick and Randy show on 92.9 The Game to give his thoughts on why the 49ers decided to start Blaine Gabbert this weekend against the Falcons. 

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Number 4: Checking in at four is Harry from Pittsburgh who called in to the Dallas Cowboys Post-Game Show on 105.3 The Fan to blame the Cowboys recent string of losses on owner Jerry Jones.  

Number 3: The number three caller this week was Mike from Uniontown, PA who hopped on with Starkey and Mueller on 93.7 The Fan to explain why Pittsburgh residents are Notre Dame fans. 

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Number 2: The two spot goes to John from Springfield who joined Chad Dukes vs. the World on 106.7 The Fan with his thoughts on the Redskins. Chad isn’t a fan of the call.

Number 1: Finally, the top spot is Joe from Marlboro, NJ who called in to Boomer and Carton on WFAN wondering why the Mets didn’t “pitch out” during the World Series. Carton decides to have some fun with him by making up a rule. 

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